Affordable Organics for Everyone

Largo FAQ’s

If you have questions – please email them to – and if we see the same question a couple times, we’ll be answering them here as well!

What are the benefits of shopping at Largo?

We show you what your food really costs – and you pay a markup over that cost.  You will save money by paying “cost” (including shipping, freight, taxes and surcharges) plus 5% (Roots)  or 15% (Branches).

How will I know what to order?

We can help.  We can walk you through your first couple orders to help it fit your family.

How much will I save?

We work on a markup system – taking the same costs that other stores pay (both small boutique shops and supermarkets), show you the freight costs, surcharges, taxes, etc – and add between a 5% to 15% markup.  That, plus your $10/month membership fee will still save you money over the regular 40% – 60% markup you pay in other stores.  We can’t guarantee that every item will be cheaper every time (because we can’t control what our competitors mark down as lost leader items), but those of us who have been buying food this way over time have seen significant savings.

Is Largo a buying club or co-op?

Largo is a registered business, run by a partnership.  We are a for profit business, and collect/remit both PST and GST on applicable goods.  We look forward to expanding our services to other parts of the city, and eventually having a permanent storefront/retail location.  For now, we are an online ordering and distribution service, serving people from all parts of Winnipeg and beyond.



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