Affordable Organics for Everyone

Contact Largo!

Interested in shopping at Largo Organics?  Email or call 204-781-3300 and ask for Susan

Interested in becoming a supplier to Largo Organics?  Email or call 204-837-1526 and ask for Megan

Already a Largo Organics customer and have questions?  Email or call 204-781-6507 and ask for Jacinthe

We look forward to hearing from you!


Comments on: "Contact Largo!" (4)

  1. Jane Goertzen said:

    I am definitely interested in becoming a member and would appreciate more info. Love your Facebook page 🙂

    • I’ll be sending you an email, Jane – thanks for writing! Feel free to jump into the discussion on the FB page and to share it with friends – I’d love to see us get 100 friends there (or more!)

      Organically yours,

  2. Sarah said:

    Hi. I heard about your company from a coworker and am very interested in your “community”. Our household makes a good effort to live organically but need a little help to get to the great.
    I would love to see your product lists……. and also the pricing as well. We do get some products from the local area but find it a little to seasonal to sustain us throughout the year.
    I would love any more info you can pass on.
    Thanks Sarah

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