Affordable Organics for Everyone

Shopping at Largo

Shopping at Largo is easy – just let us know you are interested.  We can set you up for a trial order, so you can get a sense of the process we follow and “how it all works”.

We can help you figure out “what / how much” to order.  One thing we know from our customers is that ordering and buying food this way changes the way they relate to food.  They waste less.  They eat more healthfully.  They cook at home more.

Being part of this kind of food buying service requires a bit of flexibility, as we explore this new business model together.   You may find yourself wanting to connect to other Largo Folk –  of a community of people who share a concern for what they eat and what they use in their homes.   We want to maximize our savings, and reduce our impact on the planet’s resources.

Let’s talk more about how Largo might be the right choice for your family’s sustainable and organic food buying needs.  We’d love to have you join us!  New customers always welcome.  Call us today!


Comments on: "Shopping at Largo" (2)

  1. Caroline Kaus said:

    I would like to obtain information on membership in the buying co-op.

  2. Rachel Kinsley said:

    Interested in the Trial!

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