Affordable Organics for Everyone

How Largo Works

Largo Organics is a unique way to get organic foods and sustainable / environmentally friendly household products and save money – our customers pay no more than 15% over the actual cost of their order – and can pay even less!

We have two levels of customer participation in Largo – “Root” and “Branch”.  Roots invest a few hours each month in helping to “sort” the incoming orders, and pay cost (including taxes and freight etc) plus 5%.  Branches pay 15%, and simply place their order and pickup their food.  Customers are expected to place a minimum $50 produce order every two weeks, and there is a monthly operating fee of $10/month (or $100/year).

Customers are given access to the online order forms for each order cycle.  We add you to our online discussion group, so you become part of a circle of community focused on healthy affordable eating, and to ensure you receive news updates in a timely manner, with access to message archives online.

We order produce and dairy every two weeks, and have an order schedule for companies that provide us with dry goods, packaged foods, frozen foods, and household items – rotating between various suppliers to give us access to a large variety of foods and household products.  Special order cycles  for meat, honey, grains, pasta, dried fruits & nuts, spices and other foods occur based on availability.

You place your order by filling in the online order form before the order close date.  Once you place your order – consider it “bought”.  Orders are compiled, and placed with the suppliers.   The order ships from the distributor – farmer – supplier and arrives at our pick up location.  We currently have our food pick up night every second Monday.

Our order arrives, is “sorted”, and picked up by our customers.  We currently accept cash or cheque as methods of payment.  Every customer’s order is reviewed and potentially adjusted for short shipments, spoiled or substandard food, or additional purchases made at the sort – so committed customers can carry a small balance or credit (less than $5) over to the next order.

And that’s it!  We’re happy to answer questions and explain the process in more detail.

It is a very different way to shop – customers find they pay much more attention to the food they eat, and waste less.  It does take a few orders to get into the “swing” of shopping this way – but the amount of time saved, and the monetary savings are worth it for many families.

If Largo sounds like a good fit for your family – a way to put affordable organic food on your table – please contact us!


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