Affordable Organics for Everyone

From time to time, we will feature one of our suppliers, so you can get to know the distributors behind the produce, products, and labels you see on the shelves of your local organic food store. The more informed you are about where your food comes from – the better able you are to make the best decisions about what you put on your family’s table.

This week, Largo Organics wants to tell you about:

Horizon Distributors (est. mid 1970’s as a worker co-op) – canned & dry, general, household cleaners, frozen food special shipments.

As Western Canada’s largest distributor of organic and natural products in the dry, chill and frozen , Horizon Distributors strives for excellence in service, logistics and brand management, while providing the finest organic, natural and gourmet products to the marketplace.

Horizon Distributors is a privately owned, 100% Canadian company located in Burnaby, BC.From their roots as a worker owned co-op in the seventies to their position today leading a national network of distributors, Horizon continues to set the pace for our growing industry. They maintain and establish primary relationships with key retailers through their dedication to logistical excellence, personalized account service, a consistent 96% or better fill rate, and commitment to integrity in product selection.

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