Affordable Organics for Everyone

Here is some information to help us get to know some new products that are on this ordering cycle.  Thanks to Megan – Largo Purchasing ( for the good research in helping our members make more informed decisions and to encourage us all to try new foods.
As many of you know, I (Jacinthe) am very allergic to seafood, fish (and mushrooms). so I cannot try the first two products, but they certainly sound delicious.
The line Cookin’ Greens looks very promising; I am very excited about trying the rapini – I love rapini! Rapini cooked in a buttery garlic sauce is very yummy! Over a bowl of steaming pasta, it is a delicious and fast way to make a tasting meal. 
Reading their website, I was surprised to see that other than 2 stores in Winnipeg, Largo Organics is one of the few ways to access this line of fozen vegetables. I cannot wait to try it – having frozen spinach and rapini is definitely a bonus to my kitchen.
Green Organic: I have tried the frozen pepper mix and it was nice, tasty and a much cheaper way to add peppers in my dishes, at this time of year. If you must have peppers in a certain dish, this is a good way. 
Great Glacier Salmon – The packages are 6-8oz and the case size is 20lbs so I guess we’re looking at about 16-20 packages approximately. I’ve got it for sale per lb, so more than likely a member will be getting about 2 packages for an order of a pound. This is the first time I’ve seen fish available in a form other than just breaded sticks of fillets. This is actual salmon. I think that’s good thing to get out to members so it’s not lumped with the processed food. The website for the company is
Dom International organic shrimp – These are cooked and peeled, tail-on shrimp. These are sustainably farmed shrimp that feed on natural food supplemented with organic feed when it’s required. The website for the company is
Cookin’ Greens – I really like the look of these products – frozen spinach, rapini, kale, and a designer mix. I’m excited at the prospect of having greens around that we don’t usually get like rapini and collards. These are not organic, but they seem to have a good reputation. Their website is
Green Organic – These are certified organic vegetables. The peppers are the most notable for their fantastic price point per pound – about half the price for fresh. Fresh is always best of course, but at $6-7/pound fresh it’s out of some members price range. These vegetables are also prepared and not completely raw so very convenient to people needing a fast and healthy meal. Their website is
I will note that these vegetables are farmed in China as is a common practice these days. Pro Organics does not buy fruit or vegetables from China so if a member has qualms about the origins of this line of vegetables they can always buy fresh alternatives. I did watch the videos and read the text on the Green Organic website and they seem to be cognizant that they need to be on the ball since most of us are pretty leery of the Made in China stamp these days. Since these are the ONLY suppliers of frozen organic vegetables I have available to me – I went with them.
Happy chopping! … and shopping with Largo Organics!  Not a member? email for more info. 
Follow me on Twitter @gaiaistgourmet or email me at – I plan to start cooking classes in late Jan/2011

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